All that I can say.

How does it feel waking up to a new geopolitical situation? The European Union will start to shift away from the borderless entity we currently recognize it as, as is already seen in Belgium. Western journalists are already pointing to the Islamic State’s tentacles as now having stretched out farther westward. Refugees fleeing from equal violence in their own countries (with far greater constancy) will face even more challenges finding sanctuary in the increasingly xenophobic but ‘astutely liberal’ west. And while we coldly keep them out, the west will escalate violence in the very countries they are fleeing from. Hollande has haunted me with his promise of a “ruthless” response…

As much sorrow as I have for this terrible loss of life, I am all the sadder for what is already destined to be fuel for rising (and new) fascistic and nationalistic tendencies in France and Europe.


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