A quick poem, from the author’s journal.

Repressing representations

repressed representatives

revolutionaries reprogramming

reprogrammed resistances

revolts resistors

resisting reductions

reproductive relations

related reproductions

refused regurgitated reborn.

Representing resentment

reappearing reactions

repetition repetition repetition

really really real.

Redescribing recreation

republic reassembled


resignations resolved

resembling resolutions

repeating republic


reimagined revelation

revelry revealed

reimagining remotely

related real realizations


relatives reunions

reuniting recognitions

recognizing remains.

Real remains

remaining reimagined.

Real remains

relating relata

representing reproductive

repressing representations

repressed representatives

repossessing reprocessing

revolutionary recitation

reactionary regurgitation

reason revealing reality

receding relatively real


resistance redefined

reproductive republic

republicking reproducers.

Real reaction

refute reason

repudiate representatives

representation reviled

relived recurrently

recurrent repetitions,


she said.


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